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Word: freq index 17021
HSK 5 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 3225
[綱] gāng head rope of a fishing net
guiding principle
key link
class (taxonomy)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gāng, [綱], head rope of a fishing net/guiding principle/key link/class (taxonomy)/outline/p...
        dàgāng, [大綱], main point/leading principles/synopsis/syllabus
        tígāng, [提綱], outline/synopsis/notes
        gānglǐng, [綱領], program/guiding principle
线         shànggāngshàngxiàn, [上綱上線], to criticize (as a matter of principle)
        gāngyào, [綱要], outline/essential points
        zhènggāng, [政綱], political program/platform
        tígāngqièlǐng, [提綱挈領], to concentrate on the main points (idiom); to bring out the essentials

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