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[緬甸] Miǎndiàn Myanmar (or Burma)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Miǎnyīnzhōu, [緬因州], Maine, US state
        Miǎndiàn, [緬甸], Myanmar (or Burma)
怀         miǎnhuái, [緬懷], to commemorate/to recall fondly/to think of the past
        Miǎnyīn, [緬因], Maine, US state
        Miǎn/miǎn, [緬], Myanmar (formerly Burma) (abbr. for 緬甸|缅甸[Miǎn diàn]), distant/remote/detailed

        Yīdiànyuán, [伊甸園], Garden of Eden
        Miǎndiàn, [緬甸], Myanmar (or Burma)
        Diàn/diàn, surname Dian, suburbs or outskirts/one of the five degrees of official mourning ...
        chéndiàndiàn, heavy

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