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[纜繩] lǎnshéng cable
mooring rope

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        diànlǎn, [電纜], (electric) cable
        lǎnchē, [纜車], cable car
        lǎnshéng, [纜繩], cable/hawser/mooring rope
        lǎn, [纜], cable/hawser/to moor
        guānglǎn, [光纜], optical cable
        lǎnsuǒ, [纜索], cable/hawser/mooring rope
线         xiànlǎn, [線纜], cable/wire/cord (computer)
        gānglǎn, [鋼纜], steel cable/wire cable/steel hawser

        shéngzi, [繩子], cord/string/rope/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        shéng, [繩], rope/CL:根[gēn]
        shéngsuǒ, [繩索], rope
        shéngzhīyǐfǎ, [繩之以法], to punish according to the law/to bring to justice
        Chōngshéng, [沖繩], Okinawa, Japan
        lǎnshéng, [纜繩], cable/hawser/mooring rope
        jiāngshéng, [韁繩], reins
        shéngtī, [繩梯], a rope ladder
        ChōngshéngDǎo, [沖繩島], Okinawa Island
        zhǔnshéng, [準繩], yardstick/fig. criterion/ground rule
        tóushéng, [頭繩], string to tie hair
        gāngsīshéng, [鋼絲繩], hawser/steel rope
        Chōngshéngxiàn, [沖繩縣], Okinawa prefecture, Japan
线         xiànshéng, [線繩], string/cotton rope

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