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wèiái stomach cancer

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wèi, stomach/CL:個|个[gè]
        wèikǒu, appetite/liking
        kāiwèi, [開胃], to whet the appetite/appetizing/to amuse oneself at sb's expense/to tease
        fǎnwèi, retching/vomiting
        chángwèi, [腸胃], stomach and intestine/digestive system
        dǎowèikǒu, to spoil one's appetite/fig. to get fed up with sth
        xǐwèi, to have one stomach's pumped/gastric lavage (medicine)
        wèisuān, gastric acid
        wèiái, stomach cancer
        wèibìng, stomach trouble/stomach illness
        wèiyán, gastritis
        wèijìng, [胃鏡], gastroscope (medicine)
        wèiyè, gastric fluid
        píwèi, spleen and stomach (digestive organs in TCM)/preferences/one's taste (e.g. in li...

        áizhèng, cancer
        ái, cancer/carcinoma/also pr. [yán]
        fèiái, lung cancer
        áixìbāo, [癌細胞], cancer cell
        rǔxiànái, breast cancer
        kàngái, anti-cancer
        zhìái, carcinogenic/to cause cancer
        pífūái, [皮膚癌], skin cancer
        gānái, liver cancer
        wèiái, stomach cancer
        áibiàn, [癌變], to become cancerous/transformation to malignancy (of body cells)
        zhìáiwù, carcinogen
        xuèái, leukemia

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