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Word: freq index 19726
gēbozhǒu elbow

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gēbo, arm/CL:隻|只[zhī],條|条[tiáo],雙|双[shuāng]
        gēbozhǒu, elbow
        gézhi, (dialect) to tickle
        gēbei, arm/CL:條|条[tiáo],隻|只[zhī]/also pr. [gē bì]
        gāzhiwō, [胳肢窩], armpit/also pr. [gē zhi wō]/also written 夾肢窩|夹肢窝[gā zhi wō]
        gē, [肐], variant of 胳[gē], armpit

        gēbo, arm/CL:隻|只[zhī],條|条[tiáo],雙|双[shuāng]
        gēbozhǒu, elbow
        chìbó, bare to the waist
        bó, shoulder/upper arm
        chìbóshàngzhèn, [赤膊上陣], lit. to go into battle bare-breasted (idiom)/fig. to go all out/to come out in t...

        shǒuzhǒu, elbow
        zhǒu, elbow/pork shoulder
        gēbozhǒu, elbow
        zhǒuzi, pork shoulder/(coll.) elbow
        zhuōjīnjiànzhǒu, [捉襟見肘], lit. pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows (idiom)/strapped for cash/unable t...
        chèzhǒu, (lit.) to hold sb by the elbow/(fig.) to hold back/to impede/to handicap

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