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Word: freq index 9835
HSK 4 character: radical , 14 strokes, freq index 2132
gāo ointment
gào to moisten
to grease
to apply (cream, ointment)
to dip a brush in ink

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chúngāo, lip balm/lipstick
        yágāo, toothpaste/CL:管[guǎn]
        gāo/gào, ointment/paste/CL:帖[tiě], to moisten/to grease/to apply (cream, ointment)/to dip...
        shígāo, gypsum CàSO·2(HO)/plaster/plaster cast (for a broken bone)
        yàogāo, [藥膏], ointment
        bìngrùgāohuāng, lit. the disease has attacked the vitals (idiom); fig. beyond cure/the situation...
        ruǎngāo, [軟膏], ointment/paste
        gāoyao, [膏藥], herbal plaster applied to a wound
        yóugāo, balm
        xiàngpígāo, sticking plaster/adhesive bandage
        xuěhuāgāo, vanishing cream/cold cream (makeup)
        mínzhīmíngāo, lit. the fat and wealth of the people (idiom); the nation's hard-won wealth (esp...
        shúshígāo, plaster of Paris/calcined gypsum

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