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Word: freq index 15139
HSK 6 character: is radical, radical freq index 202, radical , 6 strokes, freq index 2406
Chén surname Chen
chén state official or subject in dynastic China
"Your Servant", form of address used when speaking to a ruler
to submit oneself to the rule of or acknowledge allegiance to
to serve a ruler as his subject
Kangxi radical 168

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dàchén, chancellor (of a monarchy)/cabinet minister
        Chēchén, [車臣], Chechnya, a Russian region in the Caucasus/Chechen
        chénfú, to acknowledge allegiance to (some regime)/to serve
        Chén/chén, surname Chen, state official or subject in dynastic China/"Your Servant", form o...
        chénmín, subject (of a kingdom, ruler etc)
        gōngchén, minister who has given outstanding service
        zhōngchén, faithful official
        fǔshǒuchēngchén, [俯首稱臣], to bow before (idiom)/to capitulate
        jiāchén, counselor of king or feudal warlord/henchman
        LǐShùnchén, Yi Sunshin (1545-1598), Korean admiral and folk hero, famous for sea victories o...
        chénzǐ, official in feudal court/subject
        wàijiāodàchén, Foreign Secretary/(UK) Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
        jiānchén, a treacherous court official/a minister who conspires against the state
        míngchén, important official or statesman (in feudal China)

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