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Word: freq index 4293
HSK 5 character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 2205
[艶] yàn variant of 艷
[艷] yàn colorful
to envy
[豓] yàn old variant of 豔
[豔] yàn variant of 艷

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yàn, [艶]/[艷]/[豓]/[豔], variant of 艷|艳[yàn], colorful/splendid/gaudy/amorous/romantic/to envy, old varia...
        měiyàn, [美艷], beautiful and alluring/glamorous/gorgeous
        xiānyàn, [鮮艷], bright-colored/gaily-colored
        yànfú, [艷福], luck with women
        nóngzhuāngyànmǒ, [濃妝艷抹], to apply makeup conspicuously (idiom)/dressed to the nines and wearing makeup
        xiāngyàn, [香艷], alluring/erotic/romantic
        yànlì, [艷麗], gorgeous/garish and beautiful
        yànyángtiān, [豔陽天], bright sunny day/blazing hot day
        yāoyàn, [妖艷], pretty and flirtatious
        jiāoyàn, [嬌豔], tender and beautiful/also written 嬌艷|娇艳
        lěngyàn, [冷艷], (of a woman) beautiful but aloof
        yànzhào, [艷照], nude picture
        nóngyàn, [濃艷], (of colors) garish/rich
        yànxiàn, [艷羨], to envy/to admire
        yànqíng, [艷情], romantic love/romance/erotic (novel etc)

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