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Word: freq index 1160
HSK 6 character: radical , 21 strokes, freq index 874
[惷] chǔn variant of 蠢[chǔn]
to wiggle (of worms)
to move in a disorderly fashion

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chǔn, [惷], variant of 蠢[chǔn]/stupid, stupid/sluggish/clumsy/to wiggle (of worms)/to move i...
        yúchǔn, silly/stupid
        chǔnhuò, [蠢貨], blockhead/idiot/dunce/moron/fool
        chǔnshì, folly
        chǔnlǘ, [蠢驢], silly ass
        chǔnrén, fool/imbecile
        chǔncái, idiot
        chǔnchǔnyùdòng, [蠢蠢欲動], to begin to stir (idiom)/to get restless/to become threatening
        chǔnbèn, stupid

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