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Word: freq index 33982
Character: radical , 19 strokes, freq index 3827
jīn lapel
overlap of Chinese gown
fig. bosom (the seat of emotions)
to cherish (ambition, desires, honorable intentions etc) in one's bosom

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jīn, lapel/overlap of Chinese gown/fig. bosom (the seat of emotions)/to cherish (ambi...
        xiōngjīn, lapel of jacket/heart/aspiration/vision
        jīnyì, (aircraft) wing flap
        zhuōjīnjiànzhǒu, [捉襟見肘], lit. pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows (idiom)/strapped for cash/unable t...
        yījīn, the front piece(s) of a Chinese jacket/lapel
        liánjīn, [連襟], husbands of sisters/brothers-in-law/extremely close (of a relationship)

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