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Word: freq index 9433
HSK 5 character: radical , 13 strokes, freq index 2106
[謹] jǐn cautious
sincerely (formal)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jǐnshèn, [謹慎], cautious/prudent
        jǐn, [謹], cautious/careful/solemnly/sincerely (formal)
        xiǎoxīnjǐnshèn, [小心謹慎], cautious and timid (idiom); prudent/careful
        yánjǐn, [嚴謹], rigorous/strict/careful/cautious/compact/well-knit
        jūjǐn, [拘謹], reserved/overcautious
        jǐnfáng, [謹防], to guard against/to beware of
        jǐnqǐ, [謹啟], to respectfully inform (used at the beginning or end of letters)

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