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Word: freq index 37712
Character: radical , 17 strokes, freq index 1637
huá to play Chinese finger-guessing game
huō opening
stake all
huò clear
exempt (from)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        huòmiǎn, to exempt/exemption
        huòmiǎnquán, [豁免權], immunity from prosecution
        huōchuqu, to throw caution to the wind/to press one's luck/to go for broke
        huòránkāilǎng, [豁然開朗], suddenly opens up to a wide panorama (idiom); to come to a wide clearing/fig. ev...
        huá/huō/huò, to play Chinese finger-guessing game, opening/stake all/sacrifice/crack/slit, cl...
        huòdá, [豁達], optimistic/sanguine/generous/magnanimous/open-minded
        huòrán, wide and open/a flash of understanding

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