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Word: freq index 14563
HSK 6 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 1708
[販] fàn to deal in
to buy and sell
to trade in
to retail
to peddle

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dúfàn, [毒販], drug dealer/drug trafficker
        fàndú, [販毒], to traffic narcotics/drugs trade/opium trade
        fànmài, [販賣], to sell/to peddle/to traffic
        fànzǐ/fànzi, [販子], child trafficking, trafficker/dealer/monger/peddler
        fàn, [販], to deal in/to buy and sell/to trade in/to retail/to peddle
        xiǎofàn, [小販], peddler/hawker
        shāngfàn, [商販], trader/peddler
        piàofànzi, [票販子], ticket scalper
        tānfàn, [攤販], stallkeeper/peddler
        xiǎoshāngfàn, [小商販], small trader/peddler
        fànyùn, [販運], to transport (for sale)/to traffic (in sth)

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