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Word: freq index 24017
HSK 5 character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 2865
[趨] to hasten
to hurry
to walk fast
to approach
to tend towards
to converge

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qūshì, [趨勢], trend/tendency
        qūxiàng, [趨向], direction/trend/to incline
        qū, [趨], to hasten/to hurry/to walk fast/to approach/to tend towards/to converge
        qūyú, [趨於], to tend towards
        rìqū, [日趨], (increasing) day by day/(more critical) with every passing day/gradually
        dàshìsuǒqū, [大勢所趨], general trend/irresistible trend
        yìbùyìqū, [亦步亦趨], to blindly follow suit (idiom)/to imitate slavishly/to do what everyone else is ...
        qūzhīruòwù, [趨之若鶩], to rush like ducks (idiom); the mob scrabbles madly for sth unobtainable/an unru...
        qūtóng, [趨同], to converge
        qūfù, [趨附], to ingratiate oneself

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