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Word: freq index 37800
Character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 4387
[輒] zhé then
at once
(archaic) luggage rack on a chariot
[輙] zhé variant of 輒

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhé, [輒]/[輙], then/at once/always/(archaic) luggage rack on a chariot, variant of 輒|辄[zhé]
        qiǎnchángzhézhǐ, [淺嘗輒止]/[淺嚐輒止], to dabble and stop (idiom); to dip into/to attempt half-heartedly/content with a...
        dòngzhé, [動輒], easily/readily/frequently/at every turn/at the slightest pretext

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