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Word: freq index 11934
HSK 5 character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 2198
[輔] to assist
to complement

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fǔdǎo, [輔導], to give guidance/to mentor/to counsel/to coach/to tutor
        fǔzhù, [輔助], to assist/to aid/supplementary/auxiliary/subsidiary
        fǔ, [輔], to assist/to complement/auxiliary
        fǔdǎoyuán, [輔導員], coach (teacher or trainer)
        Jīfǔ, [基輔], Kiev, capital of Ukraine
        fǔzuǒ, [輔佐], to assist (usually a ruler)
        fǔdǎobān, [輔導班], tutorial class/remedial class/preparatory course
        fǔyīn, [輔音], consonant
        xiāngfǔxiāngchéng, [相輔相成], to complement one another (idiom)
        fǔliào, [輔料], auxiliary ingredients/supplementary materials
        fǔxiū, [輔修], to minor in/minor
        fǔyǐ, [輔以], supplemented by/accompanied by/with

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