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HSK 5 word: freq index 5026
[邏輯] luóji logic (loanword)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xúnluó, [巡邏], to patrol (police, army or navy)
        luóji, [邏輯], logic (loanword)
        xúnluóduì, [巡邏隊], (army, police) patrol
        xúnluóchē, [巡邏車], patrol car
        luójixué, [邏輯學], logic
        xúnluótǐng, [巡邏艇], patrol boat
        luó, [邏], patrol

        biānjí, [編輯], to edit/to compile/editor/compiler
        zhuānjí, [專輯], album/record (music)/special collection of printed or broadcast material
        luóji, [邏輯], logic (loanword)
        jiǎnjí, [剪輯], to edit (video images, film)
        tèjí, [特輯], special collection/special issue/album
        jí, [輯], to gather up/to collect/to edit/to compile
        luójixué, [邏輯學], logic
        zǒngbiānjí, [總編輯], chief editor (of newspaper)
        biānjíjiā, [編輯家], editor/compiler

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