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Word: freq index 8361
HSK 6 character: radical , 14 strokes, freq index 1738
[遙] yáo distant
far away

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xiāoyáofǎwài, [逍遙法外], unfettered and beyond the law (idiom); evading retribution/getting away with it ...
        yáoyuǎn, [遙遠], distant/remote
        yáokòng, [遙控], remote control
        yáokòngqì, [遙控器], remote control
        yáo, [遙], distant/remote/far/far away
        xiāoyáo, [逍遙], free and unfettered
        yáoyáolǐngxiān, [遙遙領先], a long way in front/to lead by a wide margin
        yáogǎn, [遙感], remote sensing
        xiāoyáozìzai, [逍遙自在], free and at leisure (idiom); unfettered/outside the reach of the law (of crimina...
        yáowàng, [遙望], to look into the distance
        yáoyáo, [遙遙], distant/remote
        yáoyáowúqī, [遙遙無期], far in the indefinite future (idiom); so far away it seems forever
        yáocè, [遙測], telemetry

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