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[雀躍] quèyuè excited
in high spirits

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        kǒngquè, peacock
        qiāo/què, a freckle/lentigo, small bird/sparrow/also pr. [qiǎo]
        máquè, sparrow/(dialect) mahjong
        jīnsīquè, [金絲雀], canary
        quèyuè, [雀躍], excited/in high spirits
        quèbān, freckles
        yúnquè, [雲雀], (bird species of China) Eurasian skylark (Alauda arvensis)
        huānhūquèyuè, [歡呼雀躍], cheering excitedly (idiom)/jubilant
        huángquè, [黃雀], (bird species of China) Eurasian siskin (Spinus spinus)
        yāquèwúshēng, [鴉雀無聲], lit. crow and peacock make no sound/absolute silence (idiom); not a single voice...
        shānquè, tit
        jīnchìquè, (bird species of China) grey-capped greenfinch (Chloris sinica)
        ménkěluóquè, [門可羅雀], you can net sparrows at the door (idiom); completely deserted
        Quècháo, Nestlé
        yànquè, (bird species of China) brambling (Fringilla montifringilla)/(fig.) small fry
绿         lǜkǒngquè, [綠孔雀], (bird species of China) green peafowl (Pavo muticus)

        tiàoyuè, [跳躍], to jump/to leap/to bound/to skip
        huóyuè, [活躍], active/lively/excited/to enliven/to brighten up
        yuè, [躍], to jump/to leap
        fēiyuè, [飛躍], to leap
        quèyuè, [雀躍], excited/in high spirits
        yuèyuèyùshì, [躍躍欲試], to be eager to give sth a try (idiom)
        huānhūquèyuè, [歡呼雀躍], cheering excitedly (idiom)/jubilant
        yuèjìn, [躍進], to leap forward/to make rapid progress/a leap forward
        yīyuèérqǐ, [一躍而起], to jump up suddenly/to bound up/to rise up in one bound
        yuèránzhǐshàng, [躍然紙上], to appear vividly on paper (idiom); to show forth vividly (in writing, painting ...
        Dàyuèjìn, [大躍進], Great Leap Forward (1958-1960), Mao's attempt to modernize China's economy, whic...
        yǒngyuè, [踴躍], to leap/to jump/eager/enthusiastically
        yuèshēng, [躍升], to leap to (a higher position etc)/to jump/(of a plane) to ascend
        yuèjū, [躍居], to vault

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