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Word: freq index 10385
HSK 6 character: radical , 21 strokes, freq index 1913
[覇] variant of 霸[bà]
feudal chief
to rule by force
to usurp
(in modern advertising) master

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhēngbà, [爭霸], to contend for hegemony/a power struggle
        bà, [覇], variant of 霸[bà], hegemon/tyrant/lord/feudal chief/to rule by force/to usurp/(in...
        bàwáng, hegemon/overlord/despot
        bàzhàn, [霸佔], to occupy by force/to seize/to dominate
        chēngbà, [稱霸], lit. to proclaim oneself hegemon/to take a leading role/to build a personal fief...
        bàdào, the Way of the Hegemon/abbr. for 霸王之道/despotic rule/rule by might/evil as oppose...
        èbà, [惡霸], evil tyrant
        Jùwúbà/jùwúbà, [巨無霸], Big Mac (McDonald's hamburger), giant/leviathan
        bàzhǔ, a powerful chief of the princes of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC)/ove...
        bàquán, [霸權], hegemony/supremacy
        bàqì, [霸氣], imperious/aggressive/assertive/dictatorial manner/boldness/CL:股[gǔ]
        héngxíngbàdào, [橫行霸道], to oppress/to rule as a despot/to tyrannize
        dúbà, [獨霸], to dominate (a market etc)/to monopolize

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