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Word: freq index 10082
HSK 5 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 1540
[飾] shì decoration
to decorate
to adorn
to hide
to conceal (a fault)
excuse (to hide a fault)
to play a role (in opera)
to impersonate

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhuāngshì, [裝飾], to decorate/decoration/decorative/ornamental
        yǎnshì, [掩飾], to cover up/to conceal/to mask/to gloss over
        shǒushì, [首飾], jewelry/head ornament
        fúshì, [服飾], apparel/clothing and personal adornment
        shì, [飾], decoration/ornament/to decorate/to adorn/to hide/to conceal (a fault)/excuse (to...
        shìyǎn, [飾演], to act/to play a part
        zhuāngshìpǐn, [裝飾品], ornament
        xiūshì, [修飾], to decorate/to adorn/to dress up/to polish (a written piece)/to qualify or modif...
        shìpǐn, [飾品], ornament/item of jewelry/accessory
        tóushì, [頭飾], head ornament
        pèishì, [配飾], ornament (jewelry, accoutrements etc)/decorations
        shìwù, [飾物], decorations/jewelry
        fěnshì, [粉飾], to paint/to whitewash/to decorate/plaster/fig. to gloss over/to cover up
        huāshì, [花飾], floral decoration/ornament/floral pattern
        yīshì, [衣飾], clothes and ornaments
        pèishì, [佩飾], ornament/pendant
        rùnshì, [潤飾], to adorn/to embellish
        diāoshì, [雕飾], to carve/to decorate/carved/decorated
        shìcí, [飾詞], excuse/pretext
        wénshì, [紋飾], decorative motif/figure

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