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Word: freq index 12006
Character: radical , 17 strokes, freq index 2855
nián sticky
to adhere
to stick

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        nián, sticky/glutinous/to adhere/to stick
        niánhu, sticky/glutinous/slow-moving
        niányè, mucus/viscous liquid
        niánmó, mucous membrane
        niánzhuó, [黏著], to adhere/to stick to/to bond/to agglutinate/adhesion/adhesive
        niántǔ, clay/loam
        niánfù, to adhere/to stick to
        niánzhù, cling
        niánhé, to bind/to adhere
        niánxìng, viscosity
        niándù, viscosity
        niánjiāo, [黏膠], viscose/also written 粘膠|粘胶

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