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Word: freq index 9924
Character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 2389
luǎn egg
(coll.) testicles
(old) penis
(expletive) fucking

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        luǎn, egg/ovum/spawn/(coll.) testicles/(old) penis/(expletive) fucking
        luǎnzǐ/luǎnzi, ovum, testicles/penis
        luǎncháo, ovary
        chǎnluǎn, [產卵], to lay eggs
        páiluǎn, to ovulate
        éluǎnshí, [鵝卵石], pebble/cobblestone
        shòujīngluǎn, fertilized ovum
        shūluǎnguǎn, [輸卵管], Fallopian tube/oviduct
        luǎnshí, cobble/pebble
        luǎnpào, follicle
        fūluǎn, to hatch/to brood

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