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kāchā (onom.) breaking or snapping

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        kā, (onom.) sound of coughing or vomiting
        Kābùěr, [喀布爾], Kabul, capital of Afghanistan
        kāchā, (onom.) breaking or snapping
        Kāshí, Kashgar or Qeshqer (Kāshí) city and prefecture in the west of Xinjiang near Kyrg...
        KāěrbāqiānShānmài, [喀爾巴阡山脈], Carpathian Mountains, 1500-km mountain range in Central and Eastern Europe
        Kāmàilóng, [喀麥隆], Cameroon
        Kātǔmù, Khartoum, capital of Sudan
        Kālālābāng, Kerala (state in India)
        Dákāěr, [達喀爾], Dakar, capital of Senegal

        kāchā, (onom.) breaking or snapping/(coll.) cut it out/stop it/also written 喀嚓[kā chā]
        kāchā, (onom.) breaking or snapping
        cā/chā, (onom.) scraping sound/ripping of fabric/screeching of tires, (onom.) snap/pop/s...
        cācā, (onom.) scraping sound/ripping of fabric/screeching of tires

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