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Word: freq index 16401
[囊腫] nángzhǒng cyst (med.)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        náng, sack/purse/pocket (for money)
        wōnangfèi, [窩囊廢], (coll.) spineless coward/wimp/a good-for-nothing
        qìnáng, [氣囊], air sac/aerostat gasbag
        jiāonáng, [膠囊], capsule (pharm.)/caplet
        nángzhǒng, [囊腫], cyst (med.)
        wōnang, [窩囊], to feel vexed/annoyed/good-for-nothing/stupid and cowardly
        zhìnángtuán, [智囊團], think tank/brain trust
        yīnnáng, [陰囊], scrotum
        dǎnnáng, [膽囊], gall bladder
        kāngkǎijiěnáng, to contribute generously (idiom); help sb generously with money/to give generous...
        pínáng, leather bag
        xíngnáng, traveling bag/luggage
        máonáng, hair follicle
        nángkuò, to include/to embrace/to bring together
        chòupínáng, this mortal flesh
        zhōngbǎosīnáng, [中飽私囊], to stuff one's pockets/to take bribes
        tànnángqǔwù, to feel in one's pocket and take sth (idiom); as easy as pie/in the bag
        nángzhōngxiūsè, [囊中羞澀], to be embarrassingly short of money
        bèináng, backpack/knapsack/rucksack
        jǐnnáng, [錦囊], silk brocade bag, used in ancient times to hold poetry manuscripts and other pre...
        jiěnáng, lit. to loosen one's purse/fig. to give generously to help others
        jīngnáng, spermatophore

        zhǒngliú, [腫瘤], tumor
        zhǒng, [腫], to swell/swelling/swollen
        zhǒngzhàng, [腫脹], swelling/oedema/internal bruising
        zhǒngkuài, [腫塊], swelling/growth/tumor/lump
        nángzhǒng, [囊腫], cyst (med.)
        xuèzhǒng, [血腫], hematoma/swelling of soft tissue due to internal hemorrhage
        fèishuǐzhǒng, [肺水腫], pulmonary edema
        fúzhǒng, [浮腫], swollen/bloated/edema/dropsy
        yōngzhǒng, [臃腫], obese/bloated/swollen (style)/(fig.) (of an organization) oversized or overstaff...
        shuǐzhǒng, [水腫], (med.) edema/dropsy
        bíqīngliǎnzhǒng, [鼻青臉腫], a bloody nose and a swollen face/badly battered
        hóngzhǒng, [紅腫], inflamed/red and swollen
        zhǒngdà, [腫大], swelling/enlargement/hypertrophy
        èxìngzhǒngliú, [惡性腫瘤], malignant tumor
        xiāozhǒng, [消腫], to reduce swelling/detumescence/(fig.) to streamline (a bloated bureaucracy etc)
        fèiqìzhǒng, [肺氣腫], emphysema
        nóngzhǒng, [膿腫], abscess
        liángxìngzhǒngliú, [良性腫瘤], benign tumor
        màilìzhǒng, [麥粒腫], sty (eyelid swelling)

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