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Word: freq index 97214
sōukuò see 搜刮[sōu guā]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        sōuchá, to search
        sōusuǒ, to search (a place)/to search (a database etc)
        sōu, to search
        sōuxún, [搜尋], to search/to look for
        sōují, to gather/to collect
        sōubǔ, to hunt and arrest (fugitives)/to track down and arrest/a manhunt
        sōushēn, to do a body search/to frisk
        sōusuǒyǐnqíng, search engine
        sōuguā, to rake in (money)/to plunder/to milk people dry
        sōuluó, [搜羅], to gather/to collect/to bring together
        sōukuò, see 搜刮[sōu guā]

        bāokuò, to comprise/to include/to involve/to incorporate/to consist of
        gàikuò, to summarize/to generalize/briefly/CL:個|个[gè]
        kuòyuējī, [括約肌], sphincter
        kuòhào, [括號], parentheses/brackets
        nángkuò, to include/to embrace/to bring together
        kuò, to enclose/to include/also pr. [guā]
        yuánkuòhào, [圓括號], parentheses/round brackets ( )
        fāngkuòhào, [方括號], square brackets [ ]
        sōukuò, see 搜刮[sōu guā]

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