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[貓膩] māonì (coll.) something fishy

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        māo, [貓], cat/CL:隻|只[zhī]/(dialect) to hide oneself/(coll.) modem
        xióngmāo, [熊貓], panda/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        māotóuyīng, [貓頭鷹], owl
        yěmāo, [野貓], wildcat/stray cat
        māonì, [貓膩], (coll.) something fishy/shenanigans
        shānmāo, [山貓], lynx/bobcat/leopard cat
        yèmāozi, [夜貓子], owl/(fig.) night owl
        dàxióngmāo, [大熊貓], giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
        xiǎoxióngmāo, [小熊貓], lesser panda/red panda/firefox
        māoyǎn, [貓眼], peephole/chrysoberyl
        Bōsīmāo, [波斯貓], Persian (cat)
        límāo, [狸貓], leopard cat/raccoon dog/palm civet
        língmāo, [靈貓], civet (arboreal cat)/viverrid (mammal group including mongoose and civet)
        māoxióng, [貓熊], see 熊貓|熊猫[xióng māo]
        máoyāo, [貓腰], to bend over

        nì, [膩], greasy/soft/unctuous/intimate/tired of
        xìnì, [細膩], exquisite/meticulous
        yóunì, [油膩], grease/greasy food/oily/rich (of food)/fatty/greasy and dirty/a slippery charact...
        māonì, [貓膩], (coll.) something fishy/shenanigans
        nìwei, [膩味], tired of/fed up/sick/(of a person) to annoy/tiresome
        nìfán, [膩煩], bored/to be fed up with/sick and tired of sth
        huánì, [滑膩], (of skin) satiny

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