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Word: freq index 31556
HSK 6 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 3402
[紡] fǎng to spin (cotton or hemp etc)
fine woven silk fabric

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fǎngzhī, [紡織], spinning and weaving
        fǎngzhīpǐn, [紡織品], textile/fabrics
        fǎng, [紡], to spin (cotton or hemp etc)/fine woven silk fabric
        fǎngzhīchǎng, [紡織廠], textile factory/cotton mill
        hùnfǎng, [混紡], mixed fabric/blended fabric
        fǎngchuí, [紡錘], spindle
        fǎngshā, [紡紗], to spin (cotton, wool etc)/spinning
        fǎngzhīniáng, [紡織孃], katydid/long-horned grasshopper
        fǎngchē, [紡車], spinning wheel

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