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Word: freq index 63704
Character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 3956
[頃] qīng variant of 傾
qǐng unit of area equal to 100 畝
>亩[mǔ] or 6.67 hectares
a short while
a little while ago
circa. (for approximate dates)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gōngqǐng, [公頃], hectare
        qǐngkè, [頃刻], instantly/in no time
        qǐngkèjiān, [頃刻間], in an instant
        qīng/qǐng, [頃], variant of 傾|倾[qīng], unit of area equal to 100 畝|亩[mǔ] or 6.67 hectares/a short...

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