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[鳴笛] míngdí to hoot
to whistle

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gòngmíng, [共鳴], resonance (physics)/sympathetic response to sth
        míng, [鳴], to cry (of birds, animals and insects)/to make a sound/to voice (one's gratitude...
        léimíng, [雷鳴], thunder rolls
        zìmíngdéyì, [自鳴得意], to think highly of oneself
        míngqiāng, [鳴槍], to fire warning shots
        míngdí, [鳴笛], to hoot/to whistle
        yīmíngjīngrén, [一鳴驚人], to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat (idiom); an overnight celebrity
        zòumíngqǔ, [奏鳴曲], sonata
        hōngmíng, [轟鳴], boom (sound of explosion)/rumble
        míngjiào, [鳴叫], to emit a sound/(of birds, insects etc) to chirp, hoot etc/(of a siren, steam wh...
        fēngmíngqì, [蜂鳴器], buzzer
        ěrmíng, [耳鳴], tinnitus
        bēimíng, [悲鳴], utter sad calls/lament
        míngxiè, [鳴謝], to express gratitude (esp. in public)/vote of thanks
        niǎomíng, [鳥鳴], birdsong/warbling
        āimíng, [哀鳴], (of animals, the wind etc) to make a mournful sound/whine/moan/wail
        gūzhǎngnánmíng, [孤掌難鳴], It's hard to clap with only one hand./It takes two to tango/It's difficult to ac...
        míngbùpíng, [鳴不平], to cry out against injustice/to protest unfairness
        chánmíng, [蟬鳴], song of cicadas/chirping of insects
        míngqín, [鳴禽], songbird

        dí, flute
        jǐngdí, siren
        chángdí, [長笛], (Western) concert flute
        dízi, bamboo flute/CL:管[guǎn]
        qìdí, steam whistle/ship horn
        fēngdí, [風笛], bagpipes
        míngdí, [鳴笛], to hoot/to whistle
        zhídí, recorder (musical instrument) (Tw)

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