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Word: freq index 14347
HSK 6 character: radical , 4 strokes, freq index 1647
(archaic) I
to give

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jǐyǔ, [給予], to accord/to give/to show (respect)
        cìyǔ, [賜予], to grant/to bestow
        fùyǔ, [賦予], to assign/to entrust (a task)/to give/to bestow
        shòuyǔ, to award/to confer
        yú/yǔ, (archaic) I/me, to give
        yǔyǐ, to give/to impose/to apply
        bùyú, to withhold/to refuse
        jìyǔ, to place (hope, importance etc) on/to express/to show/to give
        zèngyǔ, [贈予], to give a present/to accord (a favor)/to grant
        zhǔnyǔ, to grant/to approve/to permit

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