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Word: freq index 45245
gōngxū supply and demand

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        tígōng, to offer/to supply/to provide/to furnish
        gōng/gòng, to provide/to supply, sacrificial offering/to confess
        gōngyìng, [供應], to supply/to provide/to offer
        zhāogòng, to confess
        kǒugòng, oral confession (as opposed to 筆供|笔供[bǐ gòng])/statement/deposition
        gōngjǐ, [供給], to furnish/to provide/supply (as in supply and demand)
        gòngcí, [供詞], confession/statement/Taiwan pr. [gōng cí]
        bīgòng, to extort a confession
        gōngyìngshāng, [供應商], supplier
        gòngrèn, [供認], to confess/confession
        gōnghuò, [供貨], to supply goods
        gōngshuǐ, to supply water
        gōngyǎng/gòngyǎng, [供養], to supply/to provide for one's elders/to support one's parents, to make offering...
        gōngdiàn, [供電], to supply electricity
        gòngrènbùhuì, [供認不諱], to make a full confession/to plead guilty
        fāngòng, to retract testimony/to withdraw a confession
        gòngfèng, to consecrate/to enshrine and worship/an offering (to one's ancestors)/a sacrifi...
        gòngzhí, [供職], to hold an office or post
        gōngbùyìngqiú, [供不應求], supply does not meet demand
        gòngpǐn, offering
        gōngrè, [供熱], heating (for a building)/to supply heating
        gōngqiú, supply and demand (economics)
        gōngyìngpǐn, [供應品], supplies
        gōngxū, supply and demand
        gòngzhuàng, [供狀], written confession
        chuàngòng, to collude to fabricate a story
        shànggòng, to make offerings (to gods or ancestors)/to offer gifts to superiors in order to...
        bǐgòng, [筆供], written evidence, as opposed to oral evidence 口供[kǒu gòng]

        xūyào, to need/to want/to demand/to require/requirement/need
        xū, to require/to need/to want/necessity/need
        bìxū, to need/to require/essential/indispensable
        xūqiú, requirement/to require/(economics) demand
        jíxū, to urgently need/urgent need
        wúxū, [無需], needless
        bìxūpǐn, necessity/essential (thing)
        jūnxū, [軍需], military supplies
        jíxū, to urgently need/urgent need
        gèqǔsuǒxū, each takes what he needs (idiom)
        gōngxū, supply and demand
        nèixū, [內需], domestic demand
        tèxū, special need/particular requirement

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