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jùnqiào attractive and intelligent

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yīngjùn, handsome
        jùn/zùn, [㑺]/[儁], old variant of 俊[jùn], smart/eminent/handsome/talented, (dialectal pronunciation...
        jùnqiào, attractive and intelligent/charming/elegant
        jùnměi, pretty/handsome
        jùnxiù, well-favored/elegant/pretty
        rěnjùnbùjīn, cannot help laughing/unable to restrain a smile
        jùnjié, [俊傑], elite/outstanding talent/genius
        LǐJùn, Li Jun, fictional character from 水滸傳|水浒传[Shuǐ hǔ Zhuàn]

        qiào, smart
        qiàopihuà, [俏皮話], witticism/wisecrack/sarcastic remark/double entendre
        qiàopí, pretty and lively/smart and witty
        jùnqiào, attractive and intelligent/charming/elegant
        qiàolì, [俏麗], handsome/pretty

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