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Word: freq index 6467
HSK 6 character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 1870
[儲] Chǔ surname Chu
Taiwan pr. [Chú]
chǔ to store
to save
to have in reserve
Taiwan pr. [chú]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Chǔ/chǔ, [儲], surname Chu/Taiwan pr. [Chú], to store/to save/to have in reserve/heir/Taiwan pr...
        chǔcángshì, [儲藏室], storeroom/CL:間|间[jiān]
        chǔcún, [儲存], stockpile/to store/to stockpile/storage
        chǔbèi, [儲備], reserves/to store up
        chǔxù, [儲蓄], to deposit money/to save/savings
        chǔcáng, [儲藏], to store/deposit/(oil, mineral etc) deposits
        cúnchǔ, [存儲], to store up/to stockpile/(computer) to save/to store/memory/storage
        wángchǔ, [王儲], crown prince/heir to throne
        cúnchǔqì, [存儲器], memory (computing)
        Měiliánchǔ, [美聯儲], US Federal Reserve (Fed), the US central bank
        cāngchǔ, [倉儲], to store in a warehouse
        chǔliàng, [儲量], remaining quantity/reserves (of natural resources, oil etc)
        chǔqìguàn, [儲氣罐], gas canister/gas storage tank
        chǔxùlǜ, [儲蓄率], savings rate
        huángchǔ, [皇儲], crown prince
        chǔbèiliáng, [儲備糧], grain reserves
        chǔwù, [儲物], to hoard
        chǔhù, [儲戶], (bank) depositor
        chǔjūn, [儲君], heir apparent to a throne

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