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diǎnjí ancient books or records

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jīngdiǎn, [經典], the classics/scriptures/classical/classic (example, case etc)/typical
        diǎnxíng, model/typical case/archetype/typical/representative
        diǎnlǐ, [典禮], celebration/ceremony
        Ruìdiǎn, Sweden
        diǎn, canon/law/standard work of scholarship/literary quotation or allusion/ceremony/t...
        qìngdiǎn, [慶典], celebration
        gǔdiǎn, classical
        zìdiǎn, Chinese character dictionary (containing entries for single characters, contrast...
        diǎnfàn, [典範], model/example/paragon
        fǎdiǎn, legal code/statute
        diǎndàng, [典當], to pawn/pawnshop
        Yǎdiǎn, Athens, capital of Greece
        cídiǎn, [辭典], dictionary/also written 詞典|词典[cí diǎn]/CL:本[běn],部[bù]
        ēndiǎn, favor/grace
        Yǎdiǎnnà, Athena
        bǎodiǎn, [寶典], canonical text/treasury (i.e. book of treasured wisdom)
        cídiǎn, [詞典], dictionary/also written 辭典|辞典[cí diǎn]/CL:部[bù],本[běn]
        shèngdiǎn, majestic pomp/grand ceremony
        diǎnyǎ, refined/elegant
        diǎngù, classical story or quote from the literature
        Ruìdiǎnyǔ, [瑞典語], Swedish (language)
        fēidiǎn, atypical pneumonia/Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome/SARS
        yǐnjīngjùdiǎn, [引經據典], lit. to quote the classics/to quote chapter and verse (idiom)
        dàdiǎn, ceremony/collection of classical writings
        gǔdiǎnwénxué, [古典文學], classical literature
        diǎnjí, ancient books or records
        ruìdiǎnrén, Swede
        cídiǎnxué, [詞典學], lexicography

        shūjí, [書籍], books/works
        Jí/jí, surname Ji, book or record/registry/roll/place of one's family or ancestral reco...
        guójí, [國籍], nationality
        Měijí, American (i.e. of US nationality)
        mìjí, rare book/cheat code (video games)
        wàijí, foreign (i.e. of foreign nationality)
        rùjí, to become naturalized/to become a citizen
        hùjí, [戶籍], census register/household register
        xuéjí, [學籍], registration as a current student
        yuánjí, ancestral home (town)/birthplace
        jíguàn, [籍貫], one's native place/place of ancestry/registered birthplace
        gǔjí, ancient text/antique books
        zǔjí, ancestral hometown/original domicile (and civil registration)
        diǎnjí, ancient books or records
        dǎngjí, [黨籍], party membership

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