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Word: freq index 13119
HSK 5 character: is radical, radical freq index 39, radical , 6 strokes, freq index 2550
zhú bamboo
Kangxi radical 118

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhú, bamboo/CL:棵[kē],支[zhī],根[gēn]/Kangxi radical 118
        zhúzi, bamboo/CL:棵[kē],支[zhī],根[gēn]
        qīngméizhúmǎ, [青梅竹馬], lit. green plums and hobby-horse (idiom)/fig. innocent children's games/childhoo...
        xiōngyǒuchéngzhú, to plan in advance (idiom)/a card up one's sleeve/forewarned is forearmed
        bàozhú, firecracker
        zhútǒng, bamboo tube/bamboo pipe
        zhúlín, bamboo forest
        jiāzhútáo, [夾竹桃], oleander (Nerium indicum)/Taiwan pr. [jià zhú táo]
        shìrúpòzhú, [勢如破竹], like a hot knife through butter (idiom)/with irresistible force
        zhúlán, [竹籃], wicker basket
        chéngzhúzàixiōng, see 胸有成竹[xiōng yǒu chéng zhú]
        máozhú, moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis), used as timber etc
        qìngzhúnánshū, [罄竹難書], so many that the bamboo slats have been exhausted/innumerable crimes (idiom)/see...
        qiāozhúgàng, [敲竹槓], extortion by taking advantage of sb's weakness
        zhúsǔn, [竹筍], bamboo shoot
        shízhú, China pink/Dianthus chinensis (botany)
        zhúmǎ, [竹馬], bamboo stick used as a toy horse
        zhúzhì, [竹製], made of bamboo
        zhúguǎn, bamboo pipe
        jiànzhú, bamboo (genus Fargesia)
        zhúbǎn, bamboo clapper boards used in folk theater
        sīzhú, [絲竹], traditional Chinese musical instruments/music

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