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Word: freq index 11144
HSK 6 character: radical , 16 strokes, freq index 2331
níng to congeal
to concentrate attention
to stare

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        níng, to congeal/to concentrate attention/to stare
        hùnníngtǔ, concrete
        níngshì, [凝視], to gaze at/to fix one's eyes on
        nínggù, to freeze/to solidify/to congeal/fig. with rapt attention
        níngjù, to condense/to coagulate/coacervation (i.e. form tiny droplets)/aggregation/cohe...
        níngjié, [凝結], to condense/to solidify/to coagulate/clot (of blood)
        níngwàng, to stare (at the future)/to fix one's gaze on
        níngjùlì, cohesion/cohesiveness/cohesive
        níngshén, with rapt attention
        níngjí, agglutination
        níngzhì, [凝滯], to stagnate/to congeal/(fig.) to stop still/to freeze

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