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Word: freq index 35774
xīfù absorption (chemistry)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        hūxī, to breathe
        xī, to breathe/to suck in/to absorb/to inhale
        xīxuèguǐ, leech/blood-sucking vermin/vampire (translated European notion)/fig. cruel explo...
        xīyǐn, to attract (interest, investment etc)/CL:個|个[gè]
        xīdú, to take drugs
        xīyān, [吸煙], to smoke
        xīyǐnlì, attractive force (such as gravitation)/sex appeal/attractiveness
        xīshōu, to absorb/to assimilate/to ingest/to recruit
        xīqǔ, to absorb/to draw (a lesson, insight etc)/to assimilate
        xīshí, to suck/to take in
        xīqì, [吸氣], to inhale/to draw in breath
        xīchénqì, [吸塵器], vacuum cleaner/dust catcher
        xīguǎn, (drinking) straw/pipette/eyedropper/snorkel/CL:支[zhī]
        hūxīqì, ventilator (artificial breathing apparatus used in hospitals)
        réngōnghūxī, artificial respiration (medicine)
        hūxīdào, respiratory tract
        xīshǔn, to suck in
        shǔnxī, to suck
        xīlì, attraction (in gravitation or electrostatics)/attractive force
        xīrè, [吸熱], heat absorption
        xīnà, [吸納], to take in/to absorb/to admit/to accept
        hūxīxìtǒng, [呼吸系統], respiratory system
        xīfù, absorption (chemistry)
        xīpán, [吸盤], suction pad/sucker
        xītiěshí, [吸鐵石], a magnet/same as 磁鐵|磁铁
        xuèxīchóng, [血吸蟲], schistosoma
        hóngxī, siphon
        xīyānshì, [吸煙室], smoking room

        fùjìn, (in the) vicinity/nearby/neighboring/next to
        fù, [坿], variant of 附[fù], to add/to attach/to be close to/to be attached
        fùjiā, additional/annex
        fùdài, [附帶], supplementary/incidentally/in parentheses/by chance/in passing/additionally/seco...
        fùshǔ, [附屬], subsidiary/auxiliary/attached/affiliated/subordinate/subordinating
        fùjiàn, enclosure/attachment (email)/appendix
        fùzhuó, [附著], to adhere/attachment
        yīfù, to adhere/to attach oneself to/to append
        fùshàng, attached/included herewith
        fùshǔpǐn, [附屬品], accessory/affiliated material/adjunct
        fùhè, to parrot/to crib/to copy sb's action or words/to trail sb's footsteps/copy-cat
        fùyōng, vassal/dependent/subordinate/subservient/appendage
        fùzhù, [附註], note/annotation
        xīfù, absorption (chemistry)
        fùbǐ, [附筆], postscript
        fùlù, [附錄], appendix
        fùzé, [附則], supplementary provision/bylaw/additional article (law)
        fùshǔwù, [附屬物], attachment/appendage
        fùjiāfèi, [附加費], surcharge
        pānfù, to climb (of climbing plants)/to creep/to cling on to/fig. to seek connection (w...
        qiānqiǎngfùhuì, [牽強附會], far-fetched and hard to believe (idiom)
        niánfù, to adhere/to stick to
        fùzhuówù, [附著物], fixture (law)/attachment
        niánfù, to adhere
        fùjiāzhí, added-value (accountancy)
        suíshēngfùhè, [隨聲附和], to parrot other people's words (idiom); to chime in with others
        qūfù, [趨附], to ingratiate oneself
        fùěr, to approach sb's ear (to whisper)
        fùyì, [附議], to second a motion
        fùshè, [附設], annexed to/attached to/associated
        guīfù, [歸附], to realign one's allegiance (to another religion, ruler etc)/to submit

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