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[附議] fùyì to second a motion

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fùjìn, (in the) vicinity/nearby/neighboring/next to
        fù, [坿], variant of 附[fù], to add/to attach/to be close to/to be attached
        fùjiā, additional/annex
        fùdài, [附帶], supplementary/incidentally/in parentheses/by chance/in passing/additionally/seco...
        fùshǔ, [附屬], subsidiary/auxiliary/attached/affiliated/subordinate/subordinating
        fùjiàn, enclosure/attachment (email)/appendix
        fùzhuó, [附著], to adhere/attachment
        yīfù, to adhere/to attach oneself to/to append
        fùshàng, attached/included herewith
        fùshǔpǐn, [附屬品], accessory/affiliated material/adjunct
        fùhè, to agree/to go along with/to echo (what sb says)
        fùyōng, vassal/dependent/subordinate/subservient/appendage
        fùzhù, [附註], note/annotation
        xīfù, to adhere to a surface/to absorb/to draw in/(fig.) to attract/(chemistry) adsorp...
        fùbǐ, [附筆], postscript
        fùlù, [附錄], appendix
        fùzé, [附則], supplementary provision/bylaw/additional article (law)
        fùshǔwù, [附屬物], attachment/appendage
        fùjiāfèi, [附加費], surcharge
        pānfù, to climb (of climbing plants)/to creep/to cling on to/fig. to seek connection (w...
        qiānqiǎngfùhuì, [牽強附會], to make an irrelevant comparison or interpretation (idiom)
        niánfù, to adhere/to stick to
        fùzhuówù, [附著物], fixture (law)/attachment
        fùjiāzhí, added-value (accountancy)
        suíshēngfùhè, [隨聲附和], to parrot other people's words (idiom); to chime in with others
        qūfù, [趨附], to ingratiate oneself
        fùěr, to approach sb's ear (to whisper)
        fùyì, [附議], to second a motion
        fùshè, [附設], annexed to/attached to/associated
        guīfù, [歸附], to realign one's allegiance (to another religion, ruler etc)/to submit

        jiànyì, [建議], to propose/to suggest/to recommend/proposal/suggestion/recommendation/CL:個|个[gè]...
        huìyì, [會議], meeting/conference/CL:場|场[chǎng],屆|届[jiè]
        bùkěsīyì, [不可思議], inconceivable (idiom); unimaginable/unfathomable
        xiéyì, [協議], agreement/pact/protocol/CL:項|项[xiàng]
        yìyuán, [議員], member (of a legislative body)/representative
        cānyìyuán, [參議員], senator
        tíyì, [提議], proposal/suggestion/to propose/to suggest
        kàngyì, [抗議], to protest/protest
        huìyìshì, [會議室], meeting room/conference room
        yìhuì, [議會], parliament/legislative assembly
        yìyì, [異議], objection/dissent
        zhēngyì, [爭議], controversy/dispute/to dispute
        yìàn, [議案], proposal/motion
        cānyìyuàn, [參議院], senate/upper chamber (of legislative assembly)
        dòngyì, [動議], motion/proposal
        yìlùn, [議論], to comment/to talk about/to discuss/discussion/CL:個|个[gè]
        yìzhǎng, [議長], chairman (of a legislative assembly)/speaker
        yìchéng, [議程], agenda/agenda item
        juéyì, [決議], a resolution/to pass a resolution
        shāngyì, [商議], to negotiate/discussion/proposal
        yì, [議], to comment on/to discuss/to suggest
        zhòngyìyuán, [眾議員], member of the US House of Representatives
        xiéyìshū, [協議書], contract/protocol
        yìtí, [議題], topic of discussion/topic/subject/issue (under discussion)/CL:項|项[xiàng]
        diànhuàhuìyì, [電話會議], (telephone) conference call
        yìyuàn, [議院], parliament/congress/legislative assembly
        Zhòngyìyuàn, [眾議院], lower house of bicameral assembly/House of Representatives (USA)/Chamber of Depu...
        liánxíhuìyì, [聯席會議], joint conference
        yìshì, [議事], to discuss official business
        shěnyì, [審議], deliberation/pondering/due consideration
        zhēngyìxìng, [爭議性], controversial
        yìlùnfēnfēn, [議論紛紛], to discuss spiritedly (idiom)/tongues are wagging
        fēiyì, [非議], to criticize
        xiàyìyuàn, [下議院], lower chamber (of legislative body)/lower house/the House of Commons
        chàngyì, [倡議], to suggest/to initiate/proposal/initiative
        cóngchángjìyì, [從長計議], to take one's time making a decision (idiom)/to consider at length
        Shàngyìyuàn, [上議院], Upper Chamber/Upper House/Senate
        huìyìtīng, [會議廳], conference hall
        yìdìngshū, [議定書], protocol/treaty
        wúkěfēiyì, [無可非議], irreproachable (idiom)/nothing blameworthy about it at all
        píngyì, [評議], to appraise through discussion
        yuánzhuōhuìyì, [圓桌會議], round table conference
        yìzhèng, [議政], to discuss politics
        juéyìàn, [決議案], resolution (of a meeting)
        yìdìng, [議定], to reach an agreement/to agree upon
        yìjià, [議價], to bargain/to negotiate a price
        chàngyìshū, [倡議書], written proposal/document outlining an initiative
        jìyì, [計議], to deliberate/to talk over/to plan
        fùyì, [附議], to second a motion
        yìhé, [議和], to negotiate peace
        yìxí, [議席], seat in a parliament or legislative assembly
        cānyì, [參議], consultant/adviser

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