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zhǐchǐ very close
very near

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jìnzàizhǐchǐ, to be almost within reach/to be close at hand
        zhǐchǐ, very close/very near

        yīngchǐ, foot (unit of length equal to 0.3048 m)
        chě/chǐ, one of the characters used to represent a musical note in gongche notation, 工尺譜|...
        chǐcun, size/dimension/measurement
        chǐmǎ, [尺碼], size/fitting (of apparel)
        décùnjìnchǐ, [得寸進尺], lit. win an inch, want a foot (idiom); fig. not satisfied with small gains/give ...
        jìnzàizhǐchǐ, to be almost within reach/to be close at hand
        gōngchǐ, meter (unit of length)
        chǐdù, scale/yardstick
        chǐgǔ, ulna (anatomy)/bone of the forearm
        zhǐchǐ, very close/very near
        juǎnchǐ, tape measure/tape rule/CL:把[bǎ]
        chǐzi, rule/ruler (measuring instrument)/CL:把[bǎ]
        zhíchǐ, straight ruler
        biāochǐ, [標尺], surveyor's rod/staff/staff gauge/rear sight
        jìsuànchǐ, [計算尺], slide rule
竿         bǎichǐgāntóu, [百尺竿頭], to be at the highest level of enlightenment (Buddhist expression)
        bǐlìchǐ, scale/architect's scale/engineer's scale
        chǐhuò, looper caterpillar, larva of moth in family Geometridae/inch worm
        píchǐ, tape measure
        dīngzìchǐ, T-square/set square (carpenter's tool)

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