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Word: freq index 4170
HSK 6 character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 1830
chún lip
[脣] chún variant of 唇[chún]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zuǐchún, lip/CL:片[piàn]
        chún, [脣], lip, variant of 唇[chún]
        chúngāo, lip balm/lipstick
        tùchún, hare lip (birth defect)
        chúnshé, argument/words/lips and tongue
        chúnqiāngshéjiàn, [唇槍舌劍], fight a battle of words/cross verbal swords
        fǎnchúnxiāngjī, [反唇相譏], to answer back sarcastically (idiom)/to retort
齿         chúnchǐxiāngyī, [唇齒相依], lit. as close as lips and teeth (idiom); closely related/interdependent

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