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Word: freq index 2726
HSK 5 character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 1534
[噴] pēn to puff
to spout
to spray
to spurt
pèn (of a smell) strong
peak season (of a crop)
(classifier for the ordinal number of a crop, in the context of multiple harvests)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        pēn/pèn, [噴], to puff/to spout/to spray/to spurt, (of a smell) strong/peak season (of a crop)/...
        pēnquán, [噴泉], fountain
        pēnshè, [噴射], to spurt/to spray/to jet/spurt/spray/jet
        dǎpēntì, [打噴嚏], to sneeze
        pēnqìjī, [噴氣機], jet plane
        pēnqī, [噴漆], to spray paint or lacquer/lacquer
        pēnqì, [噴氣], jet/blast of air/spurt of gas
        pēnqìshì, [噴氣式], jet-propelled
        pēntì, [噴嚏], sneeze
        pēnfā, [噴發], to erupt/an eruption
        pēnsǎ, [噴灑], to spray/to sprinkle
        pēnzuǐ, [噴嘴], nozzle/extrusion nozzle
        pēnwùqì, [噴霧器], nebulizer/spray/atomizer
        pēntóu, [噴頭], nozzle/spray-head
        pēnyǒng, [噴湧], to bubble out/to squirt
        pēnhuǒqì, [噴火器], flamethrower
        xiāngpēnpēn, [香噴噴], delicious/savory
        pènxiāng, [噴香], fragrant/delicious
        pēnshuǐchí, [噴水池], a fountain
        gǒuxiěpēntóu, [狗血噴頭], torrent of abuse (idiom)
        pēnhú, [噴壺], spray bottle
        pēnmò, [噴墨], ink jet
        pēnpēnxiāng, [噴噴香], see 香噴噴|香喷喷[xiāng pēn pēn]
        pēnfàn, [噴飯], (coll.) to burst out laughing

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