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sīhǒu to yell
to shout

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        sī, hiss/neigh/Ss! (sound of air sucked between the teeth, indicating hesitation or ...
        shēngsīlìjié, [聲嘶力竭], to shout oneself hoarse (idiom)
        sīyǎ, [嘶啞], (onom.) coarse crowing/hoarse/husky
        sīhǒu, to yell/to shout
        sījiào, to whinny (of a horse)/to neigh/to shout

        hǒu, to roar/to howl/to shriek/roar or howl of an animal/bellow of rage
        hǒujiào, to howl
        nùhǒu, to bellow/to rave/to snarl
        hǒushēng, [吼聲], roar
        sīhǒu, to yell/to shout

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