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Word: freq index 14419
HSK 3 character: is radical, radical freq index 73, radical , 4 strokes, freq index 2551
jīn catty
weight equal to 0.5 kg

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gōngjīn, kilogram (kg)
        jīn, catty/weight equal to 0.5 kg
        jīnjīnjìjiào, [斤斤計較], to haggle over every ounce/fig. to worry unduly over minor matters
        qiānjīndǐng, [千斤頂], jack (for lifting weight)
        bànjīnbāliǎng, [半斤八兩], not much to choose between the two/tweedledum and tweedledee
        jīnliǎng, [斤兩], weight/(fig.) importance
        jīndǒu, variant of 筋斗[jīn dǒu]

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