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Word: freq index 16005
quānquan to draw a circle

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        juān/juàn/quān, to confine/to lock up/to pen in, pen (pig)/a fold, circle/ring/loop/classifier f...
        quāntào, trap/snare/trick
        quānzi, circle/ring
        xiàngquān, [項圈], necklace
        zhuànquān, [轉圈], to rotate/to twirl/to run around/to encircle/rotation/(coll.) to speak indirectl...
        dōuquānzi, to encircle/to go around/to circle/to beat about the bush
        yuánquān, [圓圈], circle
        quānquan, to draw a circle/cliques/circles
        yǎnquān, rim of the eye/eye socket
        yǎnyìquān, [演藝圈], Show Business
线         xiànquān, [線圈], solenoid (electrical engineering)/coil
        ràoquānzi, [繞圈子], to go on a long detour/fig. to speak vaguely around the topic without getting to...
        huāquān, wreath/garland
        guàiquān, vicious circle/(abnormal) phenomenon
        Běijíquān, [北極圈], Arctic Circle
        guāngquān, aperture/diaphragm
        diànjuàn/diànquān, [墊圈], to spread litter in a cowshed, pigsty etc, washer (on bolt)/toilet seat
        jiùshēngquān, life buoy/life belt
        shēngwùquān, biosphere/ecosphere
        luóquāntuǐ, [羅圈腿], bow-legged/bandy-legged
        shuǐquān, the earth's ocean/the hydrosphere (geology)
        shēngtàiquān, [生態圈], ecosphere
        luóquān, [羅圈], round frame of a sieve

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