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HSK 6 word: freq index 6314
máizàng to bury

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        mái/mán, to bury, to blame
        máizàng, to bury
        máifú, to ambush/to lie in wait for/to lie low/ambush
        huómái, to bury alive
        máicáng, to bury/to hide by burying/hidden
        mányuàn, to complain/to grumble (about)/to reproach/to blame
        yǎnmái, to bury
        yǐnxìngmáimíng, [隱姓埋名], to conceal one's identity/living incognito
        máitóu, [埋頭], to immerse oneself in/engrossed in sth/to lower the head (e.g. to avoid rain)/co...
        máimò, [埋沒], to engulf/to bury/to overlook/to stifle/to neglect/to fall into oblivion
        máitóukǔgàn, [埋頭苦幹], to bury oneself in work (idiom); to be engrossed in work/to make an all-out effo...
        dǎmáifu, to lie in wait/to ambush/to conceal sth
        máishè, [埋設], to install (water pipes, landmines etc) underground

        zànglǐ, [葬禮], burial/funeral
        máizàng, to bury
        zàng, [塟], old variant of 葬[zàng], to bury (the dead)/to inter
        xiàzàng, to bury/to inter
        ānzàng, to bury (the dead)
        péizàng, to be buried with or next to dead person (of deceased's partner, or of funerary ...
        huǒzàng, to cremate
        zàngshēn, to bury a corpse/to be buried/(fig.) to die (at sea, in a fire etc)
        zàngsòng, to hold a funeral procession and burial/to give sb a final send-off/(fig.) to ru...
        sāngzàng, [喪葬], funeral/burial
        bìnzàng, [殯葬], funeral and interment
        sòngzàng, to participate in funeral procession/to attend a burial
        tǔzàng, burial (in earth)
        sāngzàngfèi, [喪葬費], funeral expenses
        huǒzàngchǎng, [火葬場], crematorium
        guózàng, [國葬], state funeral
        mùzàng, (archeology) grave/tomb
        hézàng, to bury husband and wife together/joint interment
        xùnzàng, to bury sth along with the dead/sacrificial grave goods

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