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HSK 5 word: freq index 1620
HSK 5 character: radical , 14 strokes, freq index 1202
[墻] qiáng variant of 牆
>墙[qiáng], wall
[牆] qiáng wall

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qiáng, [墻]/[牆], variant of 牆|墙[qiáng], wall, wall/CL:面[miàn],堵[dǔ]
        qiángbì, [牆壁], wall
        fánghuǒqiáng, [防火牆], firewall/CL:堵[dǔ]
        chéngqiáng, [城牆], city wall
        wéiqiáng, [圍牆], perimeter wall/fence/CL:道[dào]
        qiángzhǐ, [牆紙], wallpaper
        qiángjiǎo, [牆角], corner (junction of two walls)
        qiángtóucǎo, [牆頭草], sb who goes whichever way the wind blows/sb with no mind of one's own/easily swa...
        huǒqiáng, [火牆], firewall
        rénqiáng, [人牆], wall (soccer)
        tóngqiángtiěbì, [銅牆鐵壁], copper wall, iron bastion (idiom); impenetrable defense
        qíqiáng, [騎牆], to sit on the fence/to take both sides in a dispute
        wāqiángjiǎo, [挖牆腳], to undermine/to let someone down/to seduce someone away from something
        mùqiáng, [幕牆], curtain wall (architecture)
        qiánggēn, [牆根], foot of a wall
        xiāoqiáng, [蕭牆], (literary) screen wall shielding an entrance in traditional Chinese architecture
        shānqiáng, [山牆], gable

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