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xiánxì hostility

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xiánfàn, criminal suspect
        xiányífàn, a suspect
        xiányírén, a suspect
        xiányí, suspicion/to have suspicions
        shèxián, to be a suspect (in a crime)/to be suspected of
        xián, to dislike/suspicion/resentment/enmity/abbr. for 嫌犯[xián fàn], criminal suspect
        qiánxián, former hatred/bygone enmity
        xiánqì, [嫌棄], to avoid sb (out of dislike)/to turn one's back on sb/to ignore
        tǎoxián, [討嫌], disagreeable/hateful/a pain in the neck
        xiánwù, [嫌惡], to loathe/to abhor/hatred/revulsion
        bìxián, to avoid arousing suspicion
        xiánxì, hostility/animosity

        fèngxì, [縫隙], small crack/chink
        kòngxì, crack/gap between two objects/gap in time between two events
        xì, crack/crevice/gap or interval/loophole/discord/rift
        jiànxì, [間隙], interval/gap/clearance
        lièxì, gap/slit/crack/crevice/fracture
        xiàxì, gap/crack/rift
        xiánxì, hostility/animosity
        kǒngxì, pore (geology)
        chéngxì, to seize an opportunity/to exploit (a loophole)

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