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Word: freq index 92889
chéngxì to seize an opportunity
to exploit (a loophole)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Chéng/chéng/shèng, [椉], surname Cheng, to ride/to mount/to make use of/to avail oneself of/to take advan...
        chéngkè, passenger
        chéngzuò, to ride (in a vehicle)
        dāchéng, to ride as a passenger/to travel by (car, plane etc)
        chéngchē, [乘車], to ride (in a car or carriage)/to drive/to motor
        chéngwùyuán, [乘務員], attendant on an airplane, train, boat etc
        chéngchuán, to embark/to travel by ship/to ferry
        huànchéng, [換乘], to change train (plane, bus etc)/transfer between modes of transport
        chéngjī, [乘機], to seize the chance/opportunistic
        shàngchéng, first-class/best quality/also pr. [shàng shèng]
        chéngxūérrù, [乘虛而入], to enter by exploiting a weak spot (idiom); to take advantage of a lapse
        chéngfǎbiǎo, multiplication table
        chéngfǎ, multiplication
        chéngjǐng, police on trains/train marshal
        chéngfēngpòlàng, [乘風破浪], to brave the wind and the billows (idiom); to have high ambitions
        chéngliáng, [乘涼], to cool off in the shade
        chéngjī, [乘積], product (result of multiplication)
        xiāngchéng, to multiply (math.)/multiplication
        chéngchú, to multiply and divide
        chéngrénzhīwēi, to take advantage of sb's precarious position
        chéngxì, to seize an opportunity/to exploit (a loophole)
        chéngshù, [乘數], multiplier
        chénghào, [乘號], multiplication sign (math.)

        fèngxì, [縫隙], small crack/chink
        kòngxì, crack/gap between two objects/gap in time between two events
        xì, crack/crevice/gap or interval/loophole/discord/rift
        jiànxì, [間隙], interval/gap/clearance
        lièxì, gap/slit/crack/crevice/fracture
        xiàxì, gap/crack/rift
        xiánxì, hostility/animosity/suspicion
        chéngxì, to seize an opportunity/to exploit (a loophole)

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