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Word: freq index 21664
HSK 6 character: radical , 8 strokes, freq index 2821
Yuè surname Yue
yuè wife's parents and paternal uncles
[嶽] Yuè surname Yue
yuè high mountain
highest peak of a mountain ridge

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yuèfù, wife's father, father-in-law
        yuèmǔ, wife's mother, mother-in-law
        Yuè/yuè, [嶽], surname Yue, wife's parents and paternal uncles, surname Yue, high mountain/high...
        XuěyuèShān, [雪嶽山], Seoraksan, mountain near Sokcho, South Korea
        Wǔyuè, [五嶽], Five Sacred Mountains of the Daoists, namely: Mt Tai 泰山[Tài Shān] in Shandong, M...

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